Doghouses increase BONE yield by 50% per Bulldog and only a maximum of 5 Bulldogs can be staked in a Doghouse at once. House owners can rent out open space in their Doghouses.
The maximum rent fee that a house owner can set is 30% of the total yield generated from staking. This ensures that tenants are always better off staking their dogs in Doghouses as opposed to not being in a Doghouse.
  • Supply: 250
  • Build Cost: 800 BONE
  • Max Capacity: 5 Bulldogs
  • Build-time: 6 Weeks (w/ 1 Bulldog)
  • Build-time: 3 Weeks (w/ 2 Bulldogs)
  • Yield Increase: 50% (per Bulldog)
This is the formula used to calculate BONE you can claim as a tenant in a Doghouse.
BONE Yield = (Schedule * 1.5) * Lock Period - Rent Fee (%)
The "maximum" rent fee that a landlord can set is 30%.
An alternate reality where BONE rules all...
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