An overview of the mechanics and utility of bone.


The max supply of BONE is 10 million. This means that the maximum number of tokens that will be ever created has been capped at 10 million, and it is impossible to mint more.
BONE Tokenomics


To counter inflation, every time BONE is used in the Bulldog ecosystem, we will burn that portion of the supply. This means that the tokens are gone forever and are never useable again. In theory, this concept of constant earning and burning will help with maintaining a reasonable circulating supply.


Accumulating BONE will give you the best opportunity at minting new NFTs which can only be found within the Bulldog ecosystem. Breeding, customizing, and even building Doghouses, will all result in new NFTs, all with new utility. You can sell any one of these NFTs on the secondary marketplace such as Magic Eden for Solana.
Additionally, BONE can be spent to purchase raffle tickets. Auctioned off NFTs will range from 1:1 Bulldogs to prominent blue-chip NFTs in the Solana ecosystem.
BONE is not an investment and has no economic value.
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